In most universes, the Appraised by Media store is your everyday, run of the mill brick and mortar pawnshop. Except for everything thing inside. For an everchanging list of reasons, the two mysterious owners receive items from infinite conceivable realities. Even more from inconceivable ones. Every week they record their process of discussing and evaluating these objects.

In our dimension, however, Appraised by Media is a weekly podcast hosted by two brothers, Duncan and Malcolm Gibbs. Their goal is always to make each other laugh, and, every so often, make others laugh with them. Some items are created by the brothers, and some are user submissions. The arguments are always authentic.



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Duncan Gibbs is the kind of person who does a genuinely embarrassing amount research before writing a paragraph about himself. He lives in Kansas City, MO and spends most of his time programming and consuming media in all its mediums. He is the co-host, editor, and producer of many podcasts such as Appraised by Media, Appraised by Media, and, whenever they invite him on, Appraised by Media.



Malcolm Gibbs is a Kansas City, MO resident and the inventor of the comedy podcast format. He is a college student studying Theatre and Creative Writing. He is a lover of all forms of media. If he had any doubts about working with Duncan Gibbs, those were thrown out the window when he was forced to be his brother for 21 years.