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Episode 40 - Some Disassembly Required

We've been saying for decades that the pressures of hosting a podcast would tear Duncan and Malcolm apart. We just didn't think that would be literal. It's honestly crazy how much damage stress and an undetected telomeric virus can do to a body.

Items this week: the punctual planner, the dimensional Windax™ bottle, and the green thumb plant pot.

Intro music: "fox 6 trap news broadcast" by J FRE$CO
Outro music: "Keep Me In Your Heart" by Warren Zevon

Episode 39 - Suckers

We're beginning to have our doubts about how "failed" these clones actually are. Like the Gibbs brothers normally would, they spend a good portion of the episode discussing performing heists in scuba gear, becoming hitmen with the mafia, and prison breaking Shamu. Actually, I kind of hear it now.

Items this week: the hypoventilation flashlight, and the foreign language mood ring.

Intro music: "fox 6 trap news broadcast" by J FRE$CO
Outro music: "Brisk Yellow" by Blazo

Episode 38 - How the Gibbs Stole Christmas

The Gibbs brothers are back , and they know what you've thinking. They also know when you're sleeping and when you're awake, but that's a whole different story. "Duncan and Malcolm! Why isn't there more Christmas content in January?" The brothers have you covered thanks to a ticking time bomb and cloning experiment gone wrong.

Items this week: the amnesiac crystal ball, and the universal snow globe.

Intro music: "Christmas Vibes Sample #2" by Blubee Beats
Outro music: "Christmas in L.A. (Instrumental)" by Vulfpeck