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Episode 3 - For Whom the Alexander Graham Bell Tolls

Like a fine whiskey, this episode has been boiled and distilled into its essential flavors. Heavy on death, and also celebrities, and also, weirdly enough, ghostly hand jobs… We’re a comedy podcast, right?

Items this week: a cursed door knob, the death stopwatch, Schrodinger-Pandora's box, and the ghost phone.

Intro music: "Millions" by Hannah Georgas
Outro music: "Dreams" by The Electric Peanut Butter Company

Episode 1 - Literally Drunk on Comedy

We did it. This episode even has an intro and an outro. It has everything. References to dead professional wrestlers? Check. Terrible, terrible superhero names? Check. A Boyhood-esque chronicle of one host's slow descent into alcoholism? You know it.

Items this week: the forever $20 wallet, the emperor's box, and the precise death date tattoo machine.

Intro music: "The Girl Who Stole My Tamagochi" by Hot Sugar
Outro music: "Pure Imagination" by Fiona Apple