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Episode 42 - Animal Style

Coming up with as many super villains as the Gibbs brothers do is no small feat. But we are starting to worry that we spend so many hours of our day coming up with super powers or skill sets, pun names, costumes and catchphrases for hypothetical villains that we fail to see that the real villains are our own jokes.

Items this week: the animal flare gun, and the movie ticket spoiler button.

Intro music: "fox 6 trap news broadcast" by J FRE$CO
Outro music: "Zodiac Shit" by Flying Lotus

Episode 22 - More Weight

Duncan regrets that his last words weren't something cooler. Malcolm regrets that his will failed to specify which beanie baby he was to be buried with. The brothers always knew they would be executed, though they guessed it would be for witchcraft. Thanks for listening to Season One everyone.

Items this week: the gun of lost items, and the door to the Mother IKEA.

Intro music: "This Is Not the End" by Laura Gibson
Outro music "Farewell Transmission" by Songs: Ohia

Episode 9 - Two Men and a Desert

The brothers discovered a magic lamp. The creature inside granted them three wishes. Malcolm immediately wished to be stuck in the desert for all eternity. Duncan wished to not be stuck in the desert for all eternity. The third wish created this episode. Enjoy.

Items this week: the milk of popularity, a laser gun, and the mustache of impersonation.

Intro song: "Half a World Away" by REM
Outro song: "Water No Get Enemy" by Fela Kuti