Episode 5 - Blarenheit 451

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, actually it's just two brothers and their infinite box of goofs. This episode turned out pretty positive, despite spending a good amount of it talking about dead dogs, conquering their enemies, and how much they want to erase things from existence. On second thought...

Items this week: upstate farm deed, the weather calendar, and the letter of non-existence.

Intro song: "Season of the Witch" by Donovan
Outro song: "Made Me Realize" by Brad Breeck

Episode 4 - Bottomless Chaps

A million dollars isn't cool, you know what's cool? A dog riding a skateboard that also has the mind of a dog. The brothers are back this week to wreak havoc on physics, morality, and common sense. Also, is it too late to rename the show "Come and See the Cornival?" 

Items this week: hitting gold, a bottomless pit, the hypercoffee maker, and the mind switcher.

Intro music: "Two Can Win" by J Dilla
Outro music: "Lower the Heavens" by The Donkeys

Episode 3 - For Whom the Alexander Graham Bell Tolls

Like a fine whiskey, this episode has been boiled and distilled into its essential flavors. Heavy on death, and also celebrities, and also, weirdly enough, ghostly hand jobs… We’re a comedy podcast, right?

Items this week: a cursed door knob, the death stopwatch, Schrodinger-Pandora's box, and the ghost phone.

Intro music: "Millions" by Hannah Georgas
Outro music: "Dreams" by The Electric Peanut Butter Company

Episode 2 - Breach of Contract

Another week, another "successful" episode. For the first time ever, the brothers take user submissions. Will this be the first of many, or will our listeners get tired of hearing references to... Pauly Shore? That can’t be right...

Items this week: instant door-in-a-can, the boner counter, the celebrity camera, and the horn of fog.

Intro music: “Space Walk” by Lemon Jelly
Outro music: "Cloud of Unknowing (featuring Bobby Womack)” by Gorillaz

Episode 1 - Literally Drunk on Comedy

We did it. This episode even has an intro and an outro. It has everything. References to dead professional wrestlers? Check. Terrible, terrible superhero names? Check. A Boyhood-esque chronicle of one host's slow descent into alcoholism? You know it.

Items this week: the forever $20 wallet, the emperor's box, and the precise death date tattoo machine.

Intro music: "The Girl Who Stole My Tamagochi" by Hot Sugar
Outro music: "Pure Imagination" by Fiona Apple

Episode 0 - Beta Males

The inaugural episode of Appraised by Media. The audio quality of the episode does not indicate the joke quality. Take that to mean what you will.

Items this week: a flaming sword, the self-actualization doorbell, and the irresistible engagement ring.

Intro Music: "5" by Three Trapped Tigers
Outro Music: "I Think Ur A Contra" by Vampire Weekend